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Strathèse is a multidisciplinary electronic journal created within the doctoral school “Sciences humaines et sociales – Perspectives Européennes” (ED 519) of the university of Strasbourg, covering all disciplinary fields. Contributions are published in special issues, whose themes are directly related to the scientific policy of the doctoral school, and in the form of varia, at a semi-annual rhythm.

In addition to a call for contributions distributed at the local and regional level, due to the major connections with the doctoral school and the research laboratories attached to it, the call is distributed more widely at the national level via dedicated platforms and certain social networks; thus, to date, approximately half of the authors concerned by the next issues are affiliated outside the university of Strasbourg.

The aim of this journal is to accompany doctoral students and young PhDs in the practice of publication, to prepare them for important aspects of the researcher’s job and to confront them with the whole process of disseminating the results of their research (submission of a text to experts, correction of the text for publication, etc.), under the conditions that are those of scientific journals. The originality of Strathèse lies first of all in the type of support offered to authors, during the expertise itself (an internal expert from the editorial board among the two experts), and then during the various stages of correction and proofreading.

In addition to writing articles, Strathèse intends to allow doctoral students who wish to do so to try their hand at editorial activities, an indispensable experience in the world of academic research. To this end, the editorial secretariat is entrusted to doctoral students who ensure, as a team, the smooth running of the expertise as well as the relationship with the authors, so as to bring the issues of the journal to publication within the allotted time. The journal is thus characterized by the possibility offered to doctoral students to benefit from training in publishing, and the direct applications within the framework of this experience that is offered to them.

Finally, the multidisciplinary nature of the journal allows it to propose original and complementary approaches to the understanding of certain objects of study and concepts. The themes of the special issues can have a singular resonance according to each SHS discipline; thus, the scientific project of the journal allows the dissemination of scientific articles coming from a great diversity of approaches, both at the conceptual and methodological levels, thus underlining the richness of the scientific research carried out in the human and social sciences.


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